Samsung Gear S3 – Frontier

A year old, this watch is still at the top of its game and the one of the newest models from Samsung (the sport being the newest).

Looks great. The all black face and band go well with casual wear or fancy suits.

Fun Apps! Unlike some wearables that only track steps, heartbeat, etc. this does it all. It’s pretty close to the phone in your hand. Calendar? check! Phone? check! Heck, you can even play spy games by putting your phone up on a bookshelf, then going into another room and view the output from your watch!

Don’t have to reach allllll the waaaay into your pocket!

In order to save battery, the face turns off very quickly. You can set it to be “always on” but even then the only thing that updates is the time – not even the seconds show. If you’re using a picture, it will disappear and just show the time. Each face behaves a little different.

Games are lacking. While it’s a tiny screen and tough to twist your arm and contstantly be poking at a watch, there are only a few games made for the watch.

Battery life is lacking. You can at least get through a full day of use – unlike some smart phones, but if you want another full day of use you’ll need to plug it in. This stops you from having the benefit of wearing it all the time and tracking you even as you sleep.

Super hard to type. If you’re wanting to send a return message via texting or email, forget it. It’s old school typing via numbers. Letter “c” -> hit the number 1, 3 times in a row…

Is it worth it? It’s a tough call. Currently selling for $299 it’s quite a chunk of change for a watch. It’s the competition to Apple’s Watch Series 3 which sells for $329.


Samsung Gear S3 - Frontier



  • Looks great.
  • Fun Apps!
  • Don't have to reach into your pocket


  • The face turns off very quickly
  • Games are lacking
  • Battery life is lacking
  • Hard to type a message

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